A Branch of the Udall / Udell Family

First Generation


1. John Udall born about 1620. John died in 1663; he was 43. Buried on 4 March 1663.

On 9 November 1640 when John was 20, he first married Elizabeth Bull in Ellastone, Staffordshire. Born about 1620. Elizabeth died in September 1679; she was 59.

They had the following children:

i.  Anne born in 1642.

ii.  Thomas born in 1643.

iii.  Ralph born in 1645.

2-iv.  John (ca1647-1678)


i.  Jane.

Second Generation


2. John Udall born about 1647. John died in October 1678; he was 31. Buried on 24 October 1678.

John married Anne. Anne died in January 1672.

They had one child:

3i.  Robert (ca1665-)

Third Generation


3. Robert Udall born about 1665.

Robert married Sarah.

They had the following children:

4i.  John (1692-)

5ii.  Ralph (1695-)

6iii.       Robert (1697-)

iv.  Thomas born in 1699.

v.  William born in 1701.

vi.  Francis born in 1703.

vii.  George born in May 1706.

viii.  Mathew born in 1708. Mathew died in December 1724; he was 16.  Buried on 21 December 1724.

ix.  Anne born in 1712.

Fourth Generation


4. John Udall born in 1692.

John married Esther.

They had the following children:

i.  George born in 1706.

7ii.  Francis (1716-)

iii.  Robert born in 1718.

iv.  Anne

v.  George

8vi.  Samuel

vii.  William born in November 1729.

5. Ralph Udall born in 1695.

On 15 April 1723 when Ralph was 28, he first married Susan Wood. Susan died in November 1724.

On 21 May 1725 when Ralph was 30, he second married Susan Whitehouse.  Susan died in June 1733.

Ralph third married Sarah ??

They had the following children:

i.  Mary born in Sep 1735.

ii.  Edward born in May 1739.

iii.  Sarah born in Oct 1747.

iv.  Charles born in May 1749.

6. Robert Udall born in 1697.

On 30 March 1719 when Robert was 22, he married Mary Shemilt in St Peters Ellastone, Staffordshire.

They had one child:

i.  Sarah.

Fifth Generation


7. Francis Udall born in 1716.

On 1 February 1735 when Francis was 19, he married Mary Shemilt in St Peters Ellastone Staffordshire.

They had the following children:

i. Richard born in 1738.

ii. Mary born in Mar 1740. Mary died in March 1740; she was less than 1. Buried on 19 March 1740.

9iii.       Mathew (1743-)

iv.  Richard born in 1745.

8. Samuel Udall.

Samuel married Anne.

They had the following children:

i.  Mathew born in 1747.

ii.  Josiah born in 1750.

iii.  Hestor born in March 1753. Hestor died in June 1755; she was 2. Buried on 23 June 1755.

iv.  George born in 1755.

v.  William born in 1758.

vi.  Samuel born in 1762.

vii.  Thomas born in Jul 1764.

Sixth Generation


9. Mathew Udell born in 1743. John was a soldier who served 35 years in the Green Howards, and 26th or Cameronian Regiment. His Petition for Land dated December 1802 in Montreal records this information. This means he would have joined the army in the early to mid 1760’s.

Mathew married ???.

They had the following children:

10i.  John (ca1775-)

ii.  Daughter.

Seventh Generation


10. John Udell born about 1775. John was first a soldier and then a hunter and farmer. His 1795 petition for land records he served 5 years with the 26th regiment, the same as his father, likely between arriving in Lower Canada in 1787 and the regiment leaving Upper Canada in 1792. He stayed behind n Upper Canada.

John married Margaret Brown, daughter of James Brown & Mary Marr. Born on 24 November 1781.

They had the following children:

11i.  James (1801-)

ii.  Catherine born in 1803.

12iii.  Mathew (~1806-1848)

13iv.  William (1807-)

14v.  Joseph (1808-) Joseph was arrested during the rebellion of 1837/38 after the event of 7 December 1937 on Yonge Steet north of Toronto at Montgomery’s Tavern.

vi.  Nancy born in 1810. On 24 June 1831 when Nancy was 21, she married Robert Meddaugh in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.

vii.  Jane born in 1812. On 18 Dec 1833 when Jane was 21, she married John Castor in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.

15viii.  Mary (1812-1898)

16ix.  John (1816-1903)

x.  Hannah born on 10 June 1820 in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. Hannah died in Sanilac, Michigan, on 16 July 1899; she was 79. On 6 June 1837 when Hannah was 16, she married James Rambourgh in Markham Ontario Canada.

17xi.  George (1827-1901)

Eighth Generation


11. James Udell born in 1801.

James married ??

They had one child:

18i.       James (1822-)

12.  Mathew Udell born about 1806. Mathew was a member of the Markham Gang and died in Kingston Prison, in 1848; he was 42.

On 3 May 1825 when Mathew was 19, he married Mary Hamilton in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Born on 6 November 1806 in Canada. Mary died in Markham Ontario Canada, on 3 December 1858; she was 52.

They had the following children:

i.  Elizabeth born about 1830. On 15 July 1851 when Elizabeth was 21, she married Moses Clendinnen in Markham,      Ontario, Canada.

ii.  Mary born about 1832.

19iii.  Mathew (1835-)

iv.  Susan born about 1835.

v.  Abner born about 1846.

13.  William Udell born in 1807.

On 6 June 1826 when William was 19, he first married Margaret Laur in Pickering, Ontario, Canada.

They had the following children:

20i.  George (1829-1907)

ii.  Hannah was born on 27 February 1831. Hannah died on 1 March 1905; she was 74. On 30 November 1846 when Hannah was 15, she married Henry William Bates.

21iii.  John Henry (1835-)

22iv.       William (1837-)

v.  Peter born in 1840/41.

vi.  James born in 1842/43.

23vii.  Mathew (1843-)

viii.  Philemon C. born in 1845/46.

ix.  Jemina Udell born in 1846/47.

24x.  Abraham (1849-)

On 8 January 1850 when William was 43, he second married Elizabeth Cunningham.

William third married Hannah Titus.

They had the following children:

i.  Joseph born in 1856.

ii.  Elsey born in 1858 in Genesee, Michigan, USA. On 26 November 1875 when Elsey was 17, she married Stephen B. Munson in Breedsville, Van Buren, Michigan, USA. Born in 1844 in Wayne,      New York, USA.

iii.  Welthy born in 1860.

iv.  Scott born in 1861. On 27 April 1893 when Scott was 32, he married Eva Butler, daughter of William Butler, in Woodville, Mecosta, Michigan, USA; born in 1876 in Michigan, USA.

v.  Charles Lincoln born in 1863.

14.  Joseph Udell born in 1808.

On 20 May 1828 when Joseph was 20, he married Rebecca Sampson in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. Born in 1808. Rebecca died in Uxbridge, Ontario,      Canada, on 23 Jun 1885; she was 77. I believe they had several older children than Charlotte.

They had the following children:

25i.  Margaret (ca1830-)

ii.  Charlotte born about 1843. On 1 July 1861 when Charlotte was 18, she married Jas Shaver, son of Robert Shaver & Jerusha, in Mariposa, Ontario, Canada.

26iii.  Jacob (~1845-)

27iv.  Ira (~1848-)

v.  Edward born about 1850.

15.  Mary Udell born on 10 July 1812 in Pickering, Ontario. Mary died in Dayton, Tuscola County Michigan, on 21 May 1898; she was 85.

Mary first married Gilbert Bates. Born in 1799 in New York. Gilbert died in      Dayton, Tuscola County, Michigan, on 7 November 1880; he was 81.

They had the following children:

i.  James born in 1839.

ii.  Catherine born in 1842.

iii.  George born in 1842.

28iv.  Gilbert (1843-)

v.  William Henry born in 1844.

vi.  Mary Elizabeth born in 1849. Mary Elizabeth married Samuel Sovereen, born in 1840.

Mary second married Daniel Emery; born ca. 1800.

They had one child:

i.  Margaret born on 22 Oct 1830. Margaret married Leroy Phelps.

16.  John Udell born on 17 January 1816 in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. John died on 25 September 1903; he was 87. Buried in Melvin Cemetery, Brown City Michigan, USA.  

On 23 December 1840 when John was 24, he first married Eunice Spencer in Pickering, Ontario.

They had the following children:

i.  George born in 1841.  On 28 April 1870 when George was 29, he married Mary Moore in Worth, Sanilac, Michigan. Born in 1844 in Maine, USA.

ii.  Mary Jane born in 1842 in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. On 11 March 1860 when Mary Jane was 18, she married John Jacob Lunau, son of John Jacob Lunau & Margaret Ferrier.

iii.  Catherine born in 1844 in Pickering, Ontario, Canada.

29iv.  John (1846-1919)

John second married Margaret Westunberger.

They had the following children:

30i.      Wellington (William) (ca1855-)

31ii.      Washington (1857-)

iii.  Sophrona Agnes born ca 1860. On 3 April 1877 when Sophrona Agnes was 17, she married Joseph Utter in Speaker, Sanilac, Michigan, USA, born in 1851 in Canada.

32iv.  Ulysses Grant (1867-1957)

v.  Jemima Alice born in 1861 in Ontario, Canada. On 23 December 1877 when Jemima Alice was 16, she married Henry Jones in Speaker, Sanilac, Michigan, USA, born in 1858 in Michigan, USA.

vi.  Eunice born ca. 1865. On 24 May 1885 when Eunice was 20, she married Ira Howey in Speaker, Sanilac, Michigan, USA. Born in 1863 in Ontario, Canada.

vii.  Nancy born in 1869 in Michigan, USA. On 20 April 1887 when Nancy was 18, she married M. Thomas Hook. Born in 1866 in Ontario, Canada.

17.  George Udell born on 26 June 1827. George died in October 1901; he was 74.

On 16 July 1844 when George was 17, he first married Catherine Kennedy in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. Born about 1826. Catherine died in Springfield, Elgin, Ontario, Canada, on 1 March 1885; she was 59.

They had the following children:

i.  Henry S. Born about 1846 in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada. Henry S. died on 15 January 1916; he was 70.

33ii.  Hiram (1847-1926)

iii.  Emeline born about 1849.

iv.  Alfred born about 1852 in South Dorchester, Elgin, Ontario, Canada.

v.  Adeline born about 1852 in South Dorchester, Elgin, Ontario, Canada. Buried in Old Springfield Cemetery, Elgin, Ontario, Canada.

34vi.  Almon (1857-1917)

George second married Mary Jane Blashill, daughter of William Blashill & Jennie Fairbank.

Ninth Generation


18.  James Udell born in Mar 1822.

On 9 Oct 1843 when James was 21, he married Mary Ann Miller in Markham Ontario Canada.

They had the following children:

i.  Nelson born in 1848.

ii.  Nancy Jane born in 1849. On 17 April 1866 when Nancy Jane was 17, she married Thomas Heslop in Norwich, Ontario, Canada.

iii.  Lucinda A. born in 1852.

iv.  Sarah A. born in 1854.      On 25 December 1872 when Sarah A. was 18, she married Ozias Petit, son of John Petit & Catherine, in Norfolk County, Ontario; born in 1852.

v.  Hannah born in 1856.

vi.  George W. born in 1861.

vii.  William born in 1870.

19.  Mathew Udell born on 10 Jul 1835. Occupation: Farmer in Canada and after April 1880 on section 15, Pine River Township, Gratiot County Michigan.

On 15 February 1858 when Mathew was 22, he married Melinda Forsyth, daughter of James M. Foresyth & Nancy Ann Kester, in Markham, Ontario, Canada; born on 15 December 1841.

They had the following children:

i.  Rachel A. born in 1859.

ii.  Albert E. born in 1860.

iii.  Arthur S. born in 1861. On 24 June 1884 when Arthur S. was 23, he married Emma Johnson in Alma, Gratiot, Michigan, USA. Born in 1862 in Alma, Michigan, USA.

iv.  Solomon Orlando born in 1863.

v.  Nathan B. born in 1865. In about 1898 when Nathan B. was 33, he married      Effie E.

vi.  Jane Gertrude born in 1867.

vii.  David H. born in 1869.

20.  George Udell born on 14 April 1829 in Middlesex, Upper Canada. George died in Stevenson, Washington, USA., on 19 February 1907; he was 77. Buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery, Stevenson, Washington, USA.

George married Nancy Young. Born on 14 April 1829. Nancy died on 19 February 1907; she was 77.

They had the following children:

i.  James Alvin. Born on 7 Mar 1855. James Alvin died on 1 June 1890; he was 35.

ii.  Mary. Born in 1856. Mary died in Iowa on 6 October 1876; she was 20.

iii.  Elijah Wesley. Born on 26 December 1857.      Elijah Wesley died on 25 January 1940; he was 82.

iv.  Martha Jane. Born in 1859 in Iowa, USA. Martha Jane died in Iowa, USA, in 1862; she      was 3.

v.  Sarah Ann. Born on 3 May 1864. Sarah Ann died on 17 April 1943; she was 78.

vi.  Willard C. Born on 27 February 1869. Willard C. died in 1938; he was 68.

vii.  Henry Herbert. Born on 25 April 1871. Henry Herbert died on 20 May 1950; he was 79.

viii.  Henrietta. Born on 25 April 1872. Henrietta died on 10 April 1967; she was 94.

21.  John Henry Udell born in 1835.

On 8 May 1855 when John Henry was 20, he first married Elizabeth Isabella Blakey in Ontario, Canada; born in 1841.

They had the following children:

i.  William Henry born on 5 April 1859 in Ontario, Canada. William Henry died in Cannington, Ontario, Canada, on 16 May 1932; he was 73. On 4 April 1900 when William Henry was 40, he married Jennie McLean, daughter of Archie McLean & Bella McMillan.

35ii.      Catherine (1859-)

36iii.  Silas (1862-1950)

John Henry second married Emma Collins, daughter of Abel Collins & Elzina Buganer.

They had the following children:

i.  Elmer (Oliver?) born in 1867 in Michigan, USA. Elmer (Oliver?) married Mary Dwyer, daughter of John Dwyer & Mary. Born in 1867 in Hancock, Michigan, USA.

ii.  Joseph Henry. Born in 1869 in St. Clair, Michigan, USA. On 13 November 1889 when Joseph Henry was 20, he married Janette Gray, daughter of James Gray, in Sanilac Center, Sanilac, Michigan USA; born in 1870 in Sanilac, Michigan, USA.

iii.  John born in 1870.

iv.  Margaret L. born in 1873 in Flint, Genesee, Michigan, USA. On 2 June 1897 when Margaret L. was 24, she married James Walsh, son of James Walsh & Katherine Derrick, in Flint, Genesee, Michigan, USA. Born in 1862 in Flint, Genesee, Michigan, USA.

v.  Lillie May. Born in 1875 in Michigan, USA. On 18 October 1895 when Lillie May was 20, she married Alonzo D. Randall, son of Stephen Randall & Sarah Gladden, in Flint, Genesee, Michigan, USA; born in 1872 in Michigan, USA.

vi.  Susan M. Born in 1877 in Flint, Michigan. On 25 October 1897 when Susan M. was 20, she married William H. Smith, son of James Smith & Jennie Steven, in Flint, Genesee, Michigan, USA. Born in 1865 in Flint, Genesee, Michigan, USA.

vii.  Abel Spencer.

22.  William Udell born in November 1837.

In 1860 when William was 22, he married Mary Stover, daughter of Jacob Stover. Born in October 1843 in Canada. Mary died in 1933; she was 89.

They had the following children:

37i.      Mary Ellen (1865-1953)

38ii.      George W. (1870-1929)

iii.  Sarah M. born in 1872 in Canada. Sarah M. died in 1948; she was 76. Sarah M. married William Shultis. Born in 1863. William died in 1938; he was 75.

39iv.  Peter A. (1877-1914)

40v.      Jesse E. (1880-1962)

41vi.  Annie (1883-1955)

vii.  Bertha born in 1884 in Ontario, Canada. On 9 September 1900 when Bertha was 16, she married William W. Morden in Lake City, Missaukee County, Michigan, USA. Born in      1878 in Canada.

42viii.  Michael J. (1884-)

23.  Mathew Udell born in 1843/44 in Markham Ontario Canada.

On 4 September 1865 when Mathew was 22, he first married Susannah Degroote; Born in 1845/46 in Dorchester, Ontario, Canada.

They had the following children:

43i.      Mary Elizabeth (1867-1924)

ii.  Rosetta born in 1869.

iii.  Lillie born in 1870. Lillie died in 1871; she was 1.

iv.  Gertrude. Born in 1872 in Ontario, Canada. On 14 September 1898 when Gertrude was 26, she married James H. Robinson, son of Herbert N. Robinson & Mellisa Hilbreth, in Pine River, Gratiot, Michigan, USA; born in 1870 in Michigan, USA.

v.  William born in May 1873.

vi.  George H. born in 1876 in Michigan, USA. On 24 July 1897 when George H. was 21, he married Florence A. Kelley, daughter of C.R. Kelley & Sarah E. Payne, in Bravo, Allegen, Michigan, USA; born in 1880 in Clyde, Michigan, USA.

vii.     Melinda. Born in 1877 in Breedsville, Michigan, USA . On 5 August 1893 when Melinda was 16, she married William T. Bensley, son of Frederick Bensley & Mary Doty, in Allegan, Michigan, USA.

viii.     Sophronia Flossie. Born in 1881 in Charlevoix, Michigan, USA.     On 31 December 1902 when Sophronia Flossie      was 21, she married Arthur Chester Cook in Charlevoix, Michigan, USA. Born on 23 October 1881 in Elba Twp. Gratiot County Michigan, USA. Arthur Chester died on 22 February 1963;      he was 81.

44ix.  Julia Elmira (1882-1969)

x.  Edward. Born in 1882 in VanBuren, Michigan, USA. On 21 August 1909 when Edward was 27, he married Bessie May Phelps, daughter of Benjamin E. Phelps & Marie Simon, in Traverse City, Michigan; born in 1893 in Oviatt, Michigan, USA.

On 20 March 1913 when Mathew was 70, he second married Gertrude Miller Shepherd. Born in 1864 in Michigan, USA.

24.  Abraham Udell born in 1849/50.

On 7 Aug 1882 when Abraham was 33, he married Jane Christina Standfield in Elgin, Ontario, Canada; born in 1863. Jane Christina died in 1935; she was      72.

They had the following children:

i.  Charles born in 1883.

ii.  Lloyd born in 1885. Lloyd died in 1950; he was 65.

iii.  Minniel born in 1896.

25.  Margaret Udell born circa 1830/31.

Margaret married Richard Graham.

They had the following children:

i.  Nelson born ca. 1860.

ii.  Elizabeth born ca. 1863.

iii.  Marshall born ca. 1865.

iv.  Matilda born ca. 1867.

v.  James W. born ca. 1872.

26.  Jacob Udell born about 1845.

On 17 Jun 1867 when Jacob was 22, he married Esther Metcalf, daughter of John Metcalf & Jane, in Mariposa, Ontario, Canada.

They had the following children:

45i.  Charles (~1869-)

46ii.  John Wesley (1872-1927)

iii.  Florence born about 1874. Florence married Donald McEachren.

iv.  Almedia June born about 1879. Almedia June married Fred Mooney.

47v.  William Abner (~1880-)

27.  Ira Udell born about 1848 in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.

Ira first married Elizabeth. Born in 1850 in Pickering, Ontario, Canada.

They had one child:

i.  Robert Henry. Born on 6 October 1873 in Brockway, Lapeer, Michigan.

On 1 July 1876 when Ira was 28, he second married Mary Pelkie in Fort Gratiot, Michigan, USA; born in 1850 in Pickering, Ontario, Canada.

28.  Gilbert Bates. Born in 1843 in Goshen, Middleton Twp. Norfolk, Canada West.

On 1 October 1865 when Gilbert was 22, he first married Leonora Smith, daughter of James Smith & Eliza Barton, in Waterford.

On 2 April 1871 when Gilbert was 28, he second married Helen Marr Bennett Shaw.

They had the following children:

i.  Anna B. born in 1873.

ii.  Daniel born in 1876.

29.  John Udell born in 1846 in Pickering, Ontario, Canada.

On 5 November 1874 when John was 28, he married Margaret Degeer, daughter of      William Pearson & Fanny Degeer, in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada; born about 1847 in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

They had the following children:

i.  Lance born on 27 February 1875. Lance died in Orillia, Ontario, on 14 September 1914; he was 39.

48ii.  Mary (1877-)

iii.  John born on 12 Jan 1880.

49iv.  George Wesley (1886-)

v.  Jane born on 11 Oct 1891. On 29 July 1921 when Jane was 29, she married Edward Hodgkinson.

50vi.  William (1896-)

30.  Wellington (William) Udell born ca 1855.

On 12 August 1881 when Wellington (William) was 26, he first married Sarah Henry in Speaker, Sanilac, Michigan, USA.

On 1 January 1882 when Wellington (William) was 27, he second married Melissa Jane Turk.

They had the following children:

i.  William Alfred born on 19 August 1883 in Elk, Sanilac, Michigan.

51ii.     Walter Henry (1888-)

iii.  John W. born in December 1889.

iv.  Frank born in 1895. On 27 February 1920 when Frank was 25, he married Ethel Jones, daughter of Fred S. Jones      & Amy Parsons, in Atlanta, Montmorency, Michigan, USA; born in 1902.

On 23 December 1906 when Wellington (William) was 51, he third married Ina Blackmore in Alpena, Michigan, USA. Born in 1884 in Michigan, USA.

31.  Washington Udell born in 1857 in Canada.

On 23 December 1877 when Washington was 20, he first married Mary Ellen Cartwright in Maple Valley, Michigan, USA.

They had one child:

i.  Edna born in 1885 in Michigan, USA. On 16 June 1901 when Edna was 16, she married William R. Miles, son of James E. Miles & Catherine Lathan, in Huron, Michigan, USA.

On 21 February 1897 when Washington was 40, he second married Mary Ann Leonard, daughter of George W. Leonard & Dorothy E. Hillenes. Born in 1876 in St. Clair, Michigan, USA.

32.  Ulysses Grant Udell born on 13 Jun 1867 in Worth, Michigan, USA. Ulysses Grant died in Columbia County, Wyocena, in 1957; he was 89. Buried in Lowville Cemetery.

On 24 Oct 1889 when Ulysses Grant was 22, he married Ida Chrysler,      daughter of Jacob Chrysler & Mary A. Turner, in Speaker, Sanilac, Michigan, USA. Born on 15 May 1873 in Forrest, Ontario Canada. Ida died in Columbia County, Wisconsin, on 5 May 1948; she was 74.

They had the following children:

52i.  Elizabeth (Lizzy) Mae (1890-1967)

53ii.  Roy Grant (1892-1987)

iii.  Norman Daniel born on 26 Jul 1896. Norman Daniel died in 1903; he was 6.

54iv.  Chester Merie (1899-1975)

v.  Lester Perl born on 23 Sep 1902. About 1954 when Lester Perl was 51, he      married Helen Mae Jorgensen. Born on 1 August 1922.

55vi.  Marion Ethel (1904-1951)

56vii.  Grace Violet (1907-)

57viii.  Norma Idella (1909-1986)

58ix.  Ray Lyle (1915-1987)

33.  Hiram Udell born on 24 May 1847 in Ontario, Canada. Hiram died in Port Huron, Michigan, on 11 December 1926; he was 79. Buried in Croswell Cemetery, Michigan.

On 22 January 1866 when Hiram was 18, he married Sarah Ann Calk, daughter of Thomas Levit & Caroline Blakeslee. Born on 28 Apr 1843. Sarah Ann died on 11 Sepember 1915; she was 72.

They had the following children:

i.  Mary Adeline born on 28 April 1868. On 17 July 1895 when Mary Adeline was 27, she married George Washington Hall, son of George Hall & Mary McCarthy, in Amadore, St. Clair, Michigan, USA. Born in 1866 in New Orleans. George Washington died in Port Huron, Michigan, in 1946; he was 80.

59ii.      Thomas Merton (1873-)

iii.  Frank Roydan born on 9 December 1880 in Sanilac Center, Sanilac, Michigan USA. Frank Roydan died in Sanilac Center, Sanilac, Michigan USA, on 16 January 1903; he was 22.

60iv.  Oral Everett (1884-1958)

34.  Almon Udell born on 8 August 1857 in South Dorchester, Elgin, Ontario, Canada. Almon died in Elgin, Ontario, Canada, on 9 August 1917; he was 60. Buried in St. Thomas West Avenue Cemetery.

On 26 October 1881 when Almon was 24, he married Mary Elizabeth Dean, daughter of Hiram Dean & Elizabeth. Born on 21 March 1861. Mary Elizabeth died in 1911; she was 49.

They had one child:

61i.  Wilfred Glen (1893-)

Tenth Generation


35.  Catherine Udell  born on 1 March 1859.

Catherine married James Coutts. Born on 4 October 1862.

They had the following children:

i.  Nabella born in 1882. On 28 November 1900 when Nabella was 18, she married Frederick Radley, son of John Radley & Selina Phillips, in Maxwell; born in 1876.

ii.  Lilley born in 1885. On 20 August 1902 when Lilley was 17, he married Thomas White, daughter of William White & Margaret Wilson, in Maxwell.

iii.  George born in 1887.

iv.  Wellington born in 1892.

v.  Harry born in 1894.

vi.  Susan born in 1900. On 25 April 1917 when Susan was 17, she married Herbert Thomas Johnson, son of James Johnson & Sarah Fawcett, in Corbetton. Born in      1893.

36.  Silas Udell born on 28 May 1862. Silas died in 1950; he was 87. Buried in Mount Zion Cemetery, Artemesia, Ontario, Canada.

On 2 November 1898 when Silas was 36, he married Susan Brown. Born on 22 May 1874. Susan died in 1951; she was 76.

They had the following children:

i.  George M. born in April 1899.

ii.  Annie Mrytle born in 1902 in Artemesia, Ontario, Canada. Annie Mrytle died in Artemesia, Ontario, Canada, on 10 May 1910; she was 8.

iii.  Harry born in January 1904.

iv.  Lidia born in April 1907.

v.  R.J. born in March 1911.

37.  Mary Ellen Udell born in Mar 1865. Mary Ellen died in 1953; she was 87.

Mary Ellen first married Unknown.

They had one child:

i.  Bertha Olive. Born on 12 March 1887 in Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada. Bertha Olive died in Mainistique, Michigan, USA, on 28 January 1956; she was 68.

Mary Ellen second married Charles Ames. Born in Dec 1864 in Canada. Charles died in 1957; he was 92.

They had one child:

i.  Charles born in Mar 1892 in Canada.

38. George W. Udell. Born in July 1870. George W. died in Schoolcraft County, Michigan, USA, on 18 January 1929; he was 58.

On 16 December 1899 when George W. was 29, he married May Miller, daughter of John Miller & Ama Bowen, in Lake City, Missaukee County, Michigan, USA; born in 1880 in New York.

They had the following children:

i.  Edward born in 1910. Edward died in 1972; he was 62. Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Schoolcraft County, Michigan, USA.

ii.  Mary Ann. Mary Ann married James Osterhout.

iii.  Peter A. born on 7 April 1915. Peter A. died in Schoolcraft County, Michigan, USA , on 15 April 1974; he was 59. Peter A. first married Minnie      Jenerou. Peter A. second married Vera LaVance.

39.  Peter A. Udell born in June 1877 in Canada. Peter A. died in Lucas, Michigan, USA, in 1914; he was 36.

On 24 December 1900 when Peter A. was 23, he married Jane Vincent, daughter of Peter Vincent & Susan Ames, in Lake City, Missaukee County, Michigan, USA; born in 1879 in Canada.

They had one child:

i.  Dorothy. Born on 1 June 1902 in Aetna Twp.,      Missaukee County, Michigan, USA.

40.  Jesse E. Udell born on 2 June 1880 in Canada. Jesse E. died on 14 March 1962; he was 81.

On 29 March 1903 when Jesse E. was 22, he married Bertha Rouse, daughter of George Rouse & Lizzie Morden, in Lake City, Missaukee County, Michigan, USA; born in November 1885 in Michigan, USA.

They had one child:

i.  Beulah born on 30 October 1907 in Idaho, USA. Beulah died on 4 January 1993; she was 85. On 29 September 1925 when Beulah was 17, she married Alfred Armstead, son of Everette Armstead & Edna Parker, in Cadillac, Missaukee County, Michigan, USA. Born on 27 Apr 1904 in Aetna Twp., Missaukee County, Michigan, USA. Alfred died in January 1986; he was 81.

41. Annie Udell. Born in August 1883 in Canada. Annie died on 22 January 1955; she was 71.

On 24 December 1901 when Annie was 18, she married Lewis Wright Besey, son of L.W. Besey & Lydia Richardson, in Lake City, Missaukee County, Michigan, USA. Born in Michigan, USA. Lewis Wright died on 22 March 1955.

They had the following children:

i.  Lenora. Born in 1903 in Missaukee County, Michigan, USA. On 1 June 1925 when Lenora was 22, she married Delbert Dolley in Cadillac, Missaukee County, Michigan, USA.

ii.  Clifford. Born on 11 November 1904 in Aetna Twp., Missaukee County, Michigan, USA.

iii.  Delmer C. Born in 1907 in Aetna Twp., Missaukee County, Michigan, USA.

iv.  Myrtle.

v.  Charley.

vi.  Beatrice.

vii.  Lydia.

42.  Michael J. Udell born in Sep 1884.

Michael J. first married Effie Brock, daughter of Minard Brock & Lucy Salauda.

They had one child:

i.  Wilbert William. Born on 18 September 1907 in Clam Union, Missaukee County, Michigan, USA. Wilbert William died in Nov ember 1974; he was 67.

On 14 October 1909 when Michael J. was 25, he second married Ivy Mowry,      daughter of Steven L. Mowry & Mary Inscho, in Bay City, Michigan, USA. Born in 190? in Ontario, Canada.

43. Mary Elizabeth Udell born in 1867. Mary Elizabeth died in 1924; she was 57.

On 24 May 1883 when Mary Elizabeth was 16, she married Charles Monroe Cox in Hoppertown, Allegen, Michigan, USA. Born in 1859 in Michigan, USA.

They had the following children:

i.  Phebe Ann. Born on 6 Apr 1885.

ii.  Rosa Katherine. Born on 16 July 1887. Rosa Katherine died on 16 October 1956; she was 69. In May 1905 when Rosa Katherine was 17, she married Lewis Tumble. Lewis died in 1953.

iii.  Minnie Florence. Born on 4 August 1888 in Allegan County, Michigan, USA. Minnie Florence died on 23 August 1981; she was 93.

iv.  Charles W. born on 18 January 1891. Charles W. died on 8 February 1954; he was 63.

v.  George Edgar born on 30 August 1892. George Edgar died on 24 February 1916; he was 23.

vi.  John Louis born on 14 September1894.

vii.  Bessie E. born on 30 April 1896. Bessie E. died in July 1981; she was 85.

viii.  Infant born on 30 April 1896.

ix.  Franklin Jesse born on 7 August 1900.      Franklin Jesse died on 7 November 1980; he was 80.

x.  Francis Leslie. Born on 15 September 1902 in Lakota, Michigan, USA. Francis Leslie died in Peru, Indiana, USA, on 8 July 1978; he was 75. Francis Leslie married Leona Marie Tharp, born on 2 July 1906 in Chicago, Il. Leona Marie died in Kewanna, Indiana, USA, on 18 December 1972; she was 66.

xi.  Gladys Reburda born on 4 December 1904. Gladys Reburda died in South Haven, Michigan,      USA, on 31 January 1989; she was 84.

44.  Julia Elmira Udell born on 26 April 1882 in Van Buren, Michigan, USA. Julia Elmira died in Benzie County, Michigan, USA, on 16 May 1969; she was 87.

Julia Elmira first married James Pickering. Born on 17 July 1878 in Antwerp, Ohio. James died in Benzie County, Michigan, USA, on 16 April 1959; he was 80.

They had the following children:

i.  Vera.

ii.  Albert.

iii.  Louisa Mae.

iv.  Glen.

She second married Arthur Miller, son of George C. Miller & Etta Vancamp, in Mancelona, Antrim, Michigan.

They had one child:

i.  William Isel.

45.  Charles Udell born about 1869.

Charles married Susan Rogers.

They had one child:

i.  Charles.

46.  John Wesley Udell born on 1 January 1872. John Wesley died on 26 September 1927; he was 55.

John Wesley married Lydia Rowe.

They had one child:

i.  Nellie.

47.  William Abner Udell born about 1880.

William Abner first married Lillian Rogers.

William Abner second married Florence Lepage.

They had one child:

i.  William A.

48.  Mary Udell born on 15 Feb 1877.

On 30 January 1907 when Mary was 29, she first married William Aldis in Orillia, Ontario.

They had one child:

i.  Russell born in 1908.

On 23 May 1923 when Mary was 46, she second married Charles Hebener.

49.  George Wesley Udell born on 24 July 1886.

George Wesley married Rosemary Harper, daughter of Samuel Harper & Lillian Easton. Born on 17 August 1876.

They had the following children:

i.  John born on 18 July 1910 in Chesley, Ontario. John died on 10 March 1978; he was 67.

ii.  Samuel born on 24 February 1912 in St. Mary‚      Perth County, Ontario. Samuel died on 8 December 1972; he was 60.

iii.  Margaret Lillian born on 8 August 1913 in Angila, Sask, Canada.

iv.  Elizabeth Irene born on 2 May 1915 in Brighton, Alberta. Elizabeth Irene died on 3 October 1917; she was 2.

62v.      Mary Olive (1917-)

63vi.  Gordon Wesley (1918-2012)

vii.  Doris Irene born on 22 Apr 1921.

50.  William Udell born on 24 Jul 1896.

William married Eunice Smith. Born in 1899. Eunice died in Orillia, Ontario, in 1969; she was 70.

They had the following children:

i.  Margerie Dorothy May. Born in 1917 in Orillia, Ontario. Margerie Dorothy May died in Orillia, Ontario, in 1998; she was 81. Margerie Dorothy May married Albert Thomas Pace. Born in 1918. Albert Thomas died in      2007; he was 89.

ii.     William. Born in 1918 in Orillia, Ontario.

iii.     Charles. Born in 1927 in Orillia, Ontario. Charles died in Orillia, Ontario, in 2010; he was 83.

iv.     Kenneth. Born in 1934 in Orillia, Ontario. Kenneth died in Orillia, Ontario, in 1983; he was 49.

51.  Walter Henry Udell born in 1888 in Huron County Michigan.

On 22 June 1909 when Walter Henry was 21, he married Martha McKay, daughter of Murdock McKay & Mary Munroe, in Wilson, Township, Alpena, Michigan, USA. Born in 1887.

They had the following children:

i.  Harvell M. born in 1906. Harvell M. died in 1910; he was 4.

ii.  Beatrice Leota. Born in 1910. Beatrice Leota died in 1988; she was 78.

iii.  Franklin James born in 1914. Franklin James died in 1946; he was 32.

iv.  Wellington Murdick born in 1915. Wellington Murdick died in 1995; he was 80.

v.  Melisa Vernice born in 1916. Melisa Vernice died in 2000; she was 84. On 27 October 1932 when Melisa Vernice was 16, she married Herbert Kautz, son of Ludwiq Kautz & Emila Bartz, in Hubbard Lake, Michigan, USA . Born in 1906 in Hubbard Lake, Michigan, USA .

vi.  Leora Virginia born in 1920. Leora Virginia died in 1983; she was 63.

vii.     living.

52.  Elizabeth (Lizzy) Mae Udell born on 26 September 1890. Elizabeth (Lizzy) Mae died on 24 June 1967; she was 76.

On 5 December 1907 when Elizabeth (Lizzy) Mae was 17, she first married William Charles Ebert; born on 10 December 1882. William Charles died in Davis Corner, on      10 April 1922; he was 39.

They had the following children:

64i.  Alden LeRoy (1909-1979)

ii.  Lella Margurite born on 8 February 1910. On 15 October 1941 when Lella Margurite was 31, she married John G. Bushias. Born in Greece.

65iii.  Raymond Leonard (1911-1992)

On 9 Jun 1923 when Elizabeth (Lizzy) Mae was 32, she second married Wallie R. Waite. Born on 23 September 1887. Wallie R. died on 28 January 1943; he was 55.

They had the following children:

i.  Harold Eugene born on 23 October 1924.

66ii.  Marjorie Lucille (1928-)

On 27 July 1945 when Elizabeth (Lizzy) Mae was 54, she third married Albert F. Schuldt. Born on 19 March 1891 in Germany. Albert F. died on 17 September 1949; he was 58.

53.  Roy Grant Udell. Born on 19 November 1892 in Brown City, Michigan. Roy Grant died in Falls River, Wisconsin , on 21 March 1987; he was 94.

On 2 March 1921 when Roy Grant was 28, he married Jessie Foster.

They had the following children:

67i.     Roy Foster (1922-)

68ii.      Jon Gerald (1935-)

69iii.  Gerald G. (1936-)

54.  Chester Merie Udell born on 24 September 1899. Chester Merie died on 20 January 1975; he was 75. Buried in Lowville Cemetery, Columbia City, Wisconsin.

Chester Merie married Winnifred Luella Olds. Born on 10 April 1909. Winnifred Luella died on 1 April 1962; she was 52.

They had the following children:

i.  Genevieve Elvira.

ii.  Luella Jane.

iii.  Melvin Merie.

iv.  Alvina Ann.

v.  Arden Gene.

vi.  Lynda Kay.

55.  Marion Ethel Udell born on 27 October 1904. Marion Ethel died on 15 July 1951; she was 46.

On 22 June 1935 when Marion Ethel was 30, she married Alvin Arthur Synstad. Born on 23 January 1905.

They had one child:

i.  Alvin Rule.

56.  Grace Violet Udell born on 27 March 1907.

On 12 November 1949 when Grace Violet was 42, she married Clinton Vig.

They had one child:

i.  Randall Wayne.

57. Norma Idella Udell born on 17 February 1909. Norma Idella died on 28 May 1986; she was 77.

Norma Idella married George Klug.

They had the following children:

i.  Norma Lee. Born on 22 December 1928. Norma Lee died on 24 April 1951; she was 22.

ii.  Robert George

iii.  William Russell

iv.  Melba Grace

v.  Gary Duane

58.  Ray Lyle Udell born on 2 July 1915. Ray Lyle died on 12 December 1987; he was 72.

On 2 July 1936 when Ray Lyle was 21, he married Helen Marcella Kramer; born on 15 April 1918 in Wisconsin.

59.  Thomas Merton Udell born on 28 January 1873.

On 2 September 1904 when Thomas Merton was 31, he married Mary Helen Shell, daughter of George A. Shell & Jane Cox, in Armadore, Sanilac, Michigan; born      in 1873. Mary Helen died in 1929; she was 56.

They had the following children:

i.  Harold.

70ii.      Ruth

60.  Oral Everett Udell born on 10 January 1884 in Sanilac County, Sanilac, Michigan USA. Oral Everett died in Albambra County, California, USA, on 9 December 1958; he was 74.

On 22 Dec 1906 when Oral Everett was 22, he married Helen D. Bennett, daughter of Thomas Bennett & Deborah McClure, in Croswell, St. Clair      Michigan, USA ; born on 19 April 1885 in Sanilac Center, Sanilac, Michigan USA. Helen D. died in St Clair County, Michigan.

They had the following children:

i.  Frank R. born on 25 October 1908. Frank R. died on 25 May 1975; he was 66. Frank R married Ruth Catherine Cumming; born on 12 January 1912. Ruth Catherine died on 22 August 2004; she was 92.

71ii.      Carl (~1910-~1973)

72iii.  Ardice (~1914-~1977)

61. Wilfred Glen Udell born on 7 Nov 1893.

They had the following children:

i.  Lloyd Glen born in 1920. Lloyd Glen died in 1996; he was 76. Lloyd Glen married Sara Bowlby.

ii.  Donald Joseph born in 1922 in Ontario, Canada. Donald Joseph serivce with the Canadian Armed Services and died in Germany in 1942; he was 20. Dona is buried in Germany.

iii.  Jack born in 1928.

iv.  Betty Marie.

v.  Robert.

vi.  Carol Anne.

Eleventh Generation


62.  Mary Olive Udell born on 20 Jan 1917 in New Brighton, Alberta, Canada.

On 8 Dec 1938 when Mary Olive was 21, she married Walter Dennis Johnstone, son of Colin Johnstone & Margaret Gullion; born on 3 July 1910.      Walter Dennis died in Cross Cancer Institute Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on 14 November 1990; he was 80.

They had the following children:

i.  Roland.

ii.  Douglas.

63.  Gordon Wesley Udell born on 5 September 1918 in Stettler, Alberta Canada. Died in 2012.

Gordon Wesley married Kathleen Mummery.

They had the following children:

i.   Lesley Margaret.

ii.  Reginald John.

iii.  Gordon Walter

iv.  Timothy Mark.

v.  Theresa Marie.

vi.  Corry.

vii.  Patrick.

64.  Alden LeRoy Ebert born on 8 April 1909. Alden LeRoy died on 5 December 1979; he was 70.

On 27 August 1941 when Alden LeRoy was 32, he first married Elinor.

They had one child:

i.  Diane.

Alden LeRoy second married Margaret.

65.  Raymond Leonard Ebert born on 27 August 1911. Raymond Leonard died on 9 January 1992; he was 80.

On 18 December 1935 when Raymond Leonard was 24, he married Elda Marjoria Kramer. Born on 8 September 1916 in Eastman, Wisconsin. Elda Marjoria died in Columbia City, Wisconsin, on 26 April 1990; she was 73.

They had the following children:

i.  William Russell.

ii.  Raymond Duane.                           

iii.  Kenneth Harry.

iv.  Carol Jean.

v.  Keith Albert (Mickey).

vi.  Sherry Lynn.

66. Marjorie Lucille Waite born on 12 April 1928.

Marjorie Lucille married Marvin Harold Gukenberger.

They had one child:

i.  Vicki Mae.

67.  Roy Foster Udell born on 15 October 1922.

On 8 Sep 1948 when Roy Foster was 25, he married Carolyn Plumb.

They had the following children:

i.  Richard.

ii.  David.

iii.  Kathleen.

iv.  John Lawrence (Jack).

68.  Jon Gerald Udell.

Jon Udell married Susan Msykla.

They had the following children:

i.  Jon Gerald.

ii.  Roy Steven.

iii.  Susan Elizabeth. Susan Elizabeth married Les Emond.

iv.  Bruce Foster.

v.  Alan Joseph.

vi.  Kenneth Grant.

69. Gerald G. Udell.

Gerald G. married Karen Moski.

They had the following children:

i.  Kristen.

ii.  Scott.

iii.  Stephanie.

70.  Ruth Udell.

Ruth married Wesley Bragg.

They had the following children:

i.  Marty.

ii.  Donald.

iii.  Merton.

71.  Carl Udell born about 1910. Carl died abt 1973; he was 63.

Carl married Alice.

They had the following children:

i.  David.

ii.  Paul.

72.  Ardice Udell born about 1914. Ardice died about 1977; she was 63.

Ardice married Haley Kendrick.

They had one child:

i.  Helen.


     UNNAMED     spouse of 11

     ???          spouse of 9

     Alice          spouse of 71

     Anne          spouse of 8

     Anne     s     pouse of 2

     Elinor      spouse of 64

     Elizabeth     parent of spouse of 34

     Elizabeth     spouse of 27

     Esther      spouse of 4

     Jane          parent of spouse of 26

     Jennie Fairbank          parent of spouse of 17

     Margaret          spouse of 64

     Mary Shemilt      spouse of 7

     Sarah      spouse of 3

     Unknown     spouse of 37


     Sarah      spouse of 5


     Russell      child of 48

     William      spouse of 48


     Charles      spouse of 37

     Charles      child of 37

     Susan      parent of spouse of 39


     Eliza          parent of spouse of 28


     Anna B.      child of 28

     Catherine          child of 15

     Daniel           child of 28

     George          child of 15

     Gilbert          spouse of 15

     Gilbert          28

     James          child of 15

     Mary Elizabeth     child of 15

     William Henry     child of 15


     Helen D.          spouse of 60

     Thomas          parent of spouse of 60


     Beatrice          child of 41

     Charley          child of 41

     Clifford          child of 41

     Delmer C.          child of 41

     L.W.               parent of spouse of 41

     Lenora          child of 41

     Lewis Wright     spouse of 41

     Lydia          child of 41

     Myrtle          child of 41


     Ina     spouse of 30


     Caroline          parent of spouse of 33


     Elizabeth Isabella spouse of 21


     Mary Jane          spouse of 17

     William          parent of spouse of 17


     Ama               parent of spouse of 38


     Donald          child of 70

     Marty          child of 70

     Merton          child of 70

     Wesley          spouse of 70


     Effie               spouse of 42

     Minard          parent of spouse of 42


     James          parent of spouse of 10

     Margaret          spouse of 10

     Susan          spouse of 36


     Elzina          parent of spouse of 21


     Elizabeth          spouse of 1


     Sarah Ann          spouse of 33


     Mary Ellen     spouse of 31


     Ida               spouse of 32

     Jacob          parent of spouse of 32


     Abel               parent of spouse of 21

     Emma          spouse of 21


     George          child of 35

     Harry          child of 35

     James          spouse of 35

     Lilley          child of 35

     Nabella          child of 35

     Susan          child of 35

     Wellington     child of 35


     Bessie E.          child of 43

     Charles Monroespouse of 43

     Charles W.     child of 43

     Francis Leslie     child of 43

     Franklin Jesse     child of 43

     George Edgar     child of 43

     Gladys Reburda     child of 43

     Infant          child of 43

     Jane               parent of spouse of 59

     John Louis          child of 43

     Minnie Florencechild of 43

     Phebe Ann     child of 43

     Rosa Katherine     child of 43


     Elizabeth          spouse of 13


     Hiram          parent of spouse of 34

     Mary Elizabeth     spouse of 34


     Fanny          parent of spouse of 29

     Margaret          spouse of 29


     Susannah          spouse of 23


     Lillian          parent of spouse of 49


     Alden LeRoy     64

     Carol Jean          child of 65

     Diane          child of 64

     Keith Albert (Mickey)     child of 65

     Kenneth Harry     child of 65

     Lella Margurite     child of 52

     Raymond Duanechild of 65

     Raymond Leonard     65

     Sherry Lynn     child of 65

     William Charlesspouse of 52

     William Russell     child of 65


     Daniel          spouse of 15

     Margaret          child of 15


     James M.          parent of spouse of 19


     Melinda          spouse of 19


     Jessie          spouse of 53


     Elizabeth          child of 25

     James W.          child of 25

     Marshall          child of 25

     Matilda          child of 25

     Nelson          child of 25

     Richard          spouse of 25


     Marvin Harold     spouse of 66

     Vicki Mae          child of 66


     Margaret          parent of spouse of 62


     Mary               spouse of 12


     Rosemary          spouse of 49

     Samuel          parent of spouse of 49


     Charles          spouse of 48


     Sarah          spouse of 30


     Dorothy E.     parent of spouse of 31


     Mary               parent of spouse of 42


     douglas          child of 62

     Roland          child of 62


     Colin               parent of spouse of 62

     Walter Dennis     spouse of 62


     Haley          spouse of 72

     Helen          child of 72


     Catherine          spouse of 17


     Nancy Ann     parent of spouse of 19


     Gary Duane     child of 57

     George          spouse of 57

     Melba Grace     child of 57

     Norma Lee     child of 57

     Robert George     child of 57

     William Russell     child of 57


     Elda Marjoria     spouse of 65

     Helen Marcella     spouse of 58


     Mary               parent of spouse of 73


     Margaret          spouse of 13


     Daphne Jeanne Candace     spouse of 73

     Ralph McLeod     parent of spouse of 73


     George W.          parent of spouse of 31

     Mary Ann          spouse of 31


     Florence          spouse of 47


     Thomas          parent of spouse of 33


     Mary               parent of spouse of 10


     Deborah          parent of spouse of 60


     Martha          spouse of 51

     Murdock          parent of spouse of 51


     Esther          spouse of 26

     John               parent of spouse of 26


     Arthur          spouse of 44

     George C.          parent of spouse of 44

     John               parent of spouse of 38

     Mary Ann          spouse of 18

     May               spouse of 38

     William Isel     child of 44


     Lizzie          parent of spouse of 40


     Karen          spouse of 69


     Ivy               spouse of 42

     Steven L.          parent of spouse of 42


     Susan          spouse of 68


     Kathleen          spouse of 63


     Mary               parent of spouse of 51


     Winnifred Luella     spouse of 54


     William          parent of spouse of 29


     Mary               spouse of 27


     Albert          child of 44

     Glen               child of 44

     James          spouse of 44

     Louisa Mae     child of 44

     Vera               child of 44


     Carolyn          spouse of 67


     Lydia          parent of spouse of 41


     Lillian          spouse of 47

     Susan          spouse of 45


     Bertha          spouse of 40

     George          parent of spouse of 40


     Lydia          spouse of 46


     Lucy               parent of spouse of 42


     Rebecca          spouse of 14


     Albert F.          spouse of 52


     Helen Marr Bennett     spouse of 28


     George A.          parent of spouse of 59

     Mary Helen     spouse of 59


     Mary               spouse of 6


     Gertrude Miller     spouse of 23


     Eunice          spouse of 50

     James          parent of spouse of 28

     Leonora          spouse of 28


     Eunice          spouse of 16


     Jane Christina     spouse of 24


     Jacob          parent of spouse of 22

     Mary     spouse of 22


     Alvin Arthur     spouse of 55

     Alvin Rule          child of 55


     Hannah          spouse of 13


     Melissa Jane     spouse of 30


     Mary A.          parent of spouse of 32


     Anne               child of 4

     Anne               child of 1

     Anne               child of 3

     Charles          child of 5

     Daughter          child of 9

     Edward          child of 5

     Francis          child of 3

     Francis          7

     George          child of 4

     George          child of 4

     George          child of 3

     George          child of 8

     Hestor          child of 8

     Jane               child of 1

     John     1

     John     2

     John     4

     Josiah          child of 8

     Mary               child of 5

     Mary               child of 7

     Mathew          child of 3

     Mathew          child of 8

     Ralph          child of 1

     Ralph          5

     Richard          child of 7

     Richard          child of 7

     Robert          3

     Robert          6

     Robert          child of 4

     Samuel          8

     Samuel          child of 8

     Sarah          child of 6

     Sarah          child of 5

     Thomas          child of 1

     Thomas          child of 3

     Thomas          child of 8

     William          child of 3

     William          child of 4

     William          child of 8


     Abel Spencer     child of 21

     Abner          child of 12

     Abraham          24

     Adeline          child of 17

     Alan Joseph     child of 68

     Albert E.          child of 19

     Alfred          child of 17

     Almedia June     child of 26

     Almon          34

     Alvina Ann     child of 54

     Annie          41

     Annie Mrytle     child of 36

     Arden Gene     child of 54

     Ardice          72

     Arthur S.          child of 19

     Beatrice Leota     child of 51

     Bertha          child of 22

     Bertha Olive     child of 37

     Betty Marie     child of 61

     Beulah          child of 40

     Bruce Foster     child of 68

     Carl               71

     Carol Anne     child of 61

     Catherine          child of 10

     Catherine          child of 16

     Catherine          35

     Charles          child of 45

     Charles          45

     Charles          child of 24

     Charles          child of 50

     Charles Lincoln     child of 13

     Charlotte          child of 14

     Chester Merie     54

     Corry          child of 63

     Daniel Gordon     child of 73

     David          child of 67

     David          child of 71

     David H.          child of 19

     Donald Joseph     child of 61

     Doris Irene     child of 49

     Dorothy          child of 39

     Edna               child of 31

     Edward     child of 14

     Edward     child of 23

     Edward     child of 38

     Elijah Wesley     child of 20

     Elizabeth     child of 12

     Elizabeth Irene     child of 49

     Elizabeth (Lizzy) Mae     52

     Elmer (Oliver?)     child of 21

     Elsey     child of 13

     Emeline     child of 17

     Eunice     child of 16

     Florence     child of 26

     Frank     child of 30

     Frank R     child of 60

     Frank Roydan     child of 33

     Franklin James     child of 51

     Genevieve Elvira     child of 54

     George     17

     George     20

     George     child of 16

     George H.     child of 23

     George M.     child of 36

     George W.     child of 18

     George W.     38

     George Wesley     49

     Gerald G.     69

     Gertrude     child of 23

     Gordon Walter     73

     Gordon Wesley     63

     Grace Violet     56

     Hannah     child of 10

     Hannah     child of 13

     Hannah     child of 18

     Harold     child of 59

     Harold LeRoy (Skip)     child of 58

     Harry     child of 36

     Harvell M.     child of 51

     Helen Rae     child of 58

     Henrietta     child of 20

     Henry Herbert     child of 20

     Henry S.     child of 17

     Hiram     33

     Ira          27

     Jack          child of 61

     Jacob     26

     James     11

     James     18

     James     child of 13

     James Alvinchild of 20

     Jane          child of 10

     Jane          child of 29

     Jane Gertrude     child of 19

     Jemima Alice     child of 16

     Jemina Udell     child of 13

     Jesse E.     40

     John          10

     John          16

     John          29

     John          child of 21

     John          child of 29

     John          child of 49

     John Henry     21

     John Lawrence (Jack)     child of 67

     John W.     child of 30

     John Wesley     46

     Jon Gerald          68

     Jon Gerald     child of 68

     Joseph     14

     Joseph     child of 13

     Joseph Henry     child of 21

     Joshua Ralph     child of 73

     Julia Elmira     44

     Kathleen     child of 67

     Kathryn Grace     child of 58

     Kenneth     child of 50

     Kenneth Grant     child of 68

     Kristen     child of 69

     Lance     child of 29

     Leora Virginia     child of 51

     Lesley Margaret     child of 63

     Lester Perl     child of 32

     Lidia     child of 36

     Lillie     child of 23

     Lillie May     child of 21

     living     child of 51

     Lloyd     child of 24

     Lloyd Glen     child of 61

     Lucinda A.     child of 18

     Luella Jane     child of 54

     Lynda Kay     child of 54

     Margaret     25

     Margaret L.     child of 21

     Margaret Lillian     child of 49

     Margerie Dorothy May     child of 50

     Marion Ethel     55

     Martha Jane     child of 20

     Mary     15

     Mary     child of 12

     Mary     child of 20

     Mary     48

     Mary Adeline     child of 33

     Mary Ann     child of 38

     Mary Elizabeth     43

     Mary Ellen     37

     Mary Jane     child of 16

     Mary Olive     62

     Mathew     9

     Mathew     12

     Mathew     19

     Mathew     23

     Melinda     child of 23

     Melisa Vernice     child of 51

     Melvin Merie     child of 54

     Michael J.     42

     Minniel     child of 24

     Nancy     child of 10

     Nancy     child of 16

     Nancy Jane     child of 18

     Nathan B.     child of 19

     Nellie     child of 46

     Nelson     child of 18

     Norma Idella     57

     Norman Daniel     child of 32

     Oral Everett     60

     Patrick     child of 63

     Paul     child of 71

     Peter     child of 13

     Peter A.     39

     Peter A.     child of 38

     Philemon C.     child of 13

     R. J.     child of 36

     Rachel A.     child of 19

     Ray Lyle     58

     Raymond Lyle     child of 58

     Reginald John     child of 63

     Richard     child of 67

     Robert     child of 61

     Robert Henry     child of 27

     Rosetta     child of 23

     Roy Foster     67

     Roy Grant     53

     Roy Steven     child of 68

     Ruth     70

     Sally Joan     child of 58

     Samuel     child of 49

     Sarah A.     child of 18

     Sarah Ann     child of 20

     Sarah M.     child of 22

     Scott     child of 69

     Scott     child of 13

     Silas     36

     Solomon Orlando     child of 19

     Sophrona Agnes     child of 16

     Sophronia Flossie     child of 23

     Stefan Alexander     child of 73

     Stephanie     child of 69

     Susan     child of 12

     Susan Elizabeth     child of 68

     Susan M.     child of 21

     Theresa Marie     child of 63

     Thomas Merton     59

     Timothy Mark     child of 63

     Ulysses Grant     32

     Walter Henry     51

     Walter Mark     child of 73

     Washington     31

     Wellington Murdick     child of 51

     Wellington (William)     30

     Welthy     child of 13

     Wilbert William     child of 42

     Wilfred Glen     61

     Willard C.     child of 20

     William     13

     William     22

     William     child of 18

     William     child of 23

     William     50

     William     child of 50

     William A.     child of 47

     William Abner     47

     William Alfred     child of 30

     William Henry     child of 21


     Etta     parent of spouse of 44


     Clinton     spouse of 56

     Randall Wayne     child of 56


     Jane     spouse of 39

     Peter     parent of spouse of 39


     Harold Eugene     child of 52

     Marjorie Lucille     66

     Wallie R.     spouse of 52


     Margaret     spouse of 16


     Susan spouse of 5


     Susan spouse of 5


     Nancy spouse of 20

              Corfe Castle